We take pride in defending the IT systems and network foundations of your critical services.

Public Sector Information Security

Governments manage critical infrastructure for the citizens they serve. From water purification and waste treatment to law enforcement communication and emergency management, governments play a critical role in our day-to-day lives. The high-impact nature of these services makes the technologies behind the services key targets for hacktivists, insiders, organized criminals and nation-states.

Critical Informatics has a proven record of protecting the data, networks, and systems of local governments. Through our managed cybersecurity services and consulting, we become an extension of our customers’ teams and technologies, providing them affordable access to security practitioners.

Both of our core services, Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Information Security Consulting, target three basic goals: data security and privacy, operational continuity and regulatory compliance.

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“Critical Informatics served a pivotal role as the City positioned itself to receiving a successful (PCI) Level 1 Report of Compliance.”

– Teri Allen, Treasury Manager, City of Seattle

Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides local governments with both the technology and human expertise to detect, investigate, respond, and recover from IT security threats and prevent major breaches. Critical Informatics helps maritime ports, local and county governments, public utilities and other local government organizations avoid disruption of critical services in a world of quickly-evolving threats.

Our algorithms process network event data to identify:

  • Statistical anomalies
  • Interaction with known malware distribution or criminal command and control sites
  • Signature-based events from the intrusion detection Critical Insight Collector
  • Correlation of multiple suspicious events
  • Significant periodicity in signals

Utilizing elastic scalability and advanced data indexing algorithms, we are limited only by the amount of data you can provide to us. We grow as large as we need to be, and we do not lose processing capabilities as we scale. Our learning approach allows Critical Insight to become continuously more powerful, accurate and faster as data is ingested and processed.

Our promise to you is to only provide actionable alerts, not false positives. Our security experts investigate each incident to confirm which are true threats. Once confirmed, the analyst prepares and communicates a customized Incident Action Plan (IAP) and interfaces with your staff in a pre-designed incident response process to quickly address the compromise. Incidents are addressed quickly so that actual damage and loss are averted or minimized. This process eliminates false positives and gives you an actionable plan for confirmed threats.

The availability of full packet capture at the collector allows our analysts to “replay” events under investigation for 100% incident confirmation and 0 false positives while ensuring only incidental access to sensitive information. Once an incident has been confirmed, we can go “back in time” and determine if any other compromises occurred prior. We can replay all that happened, often down to the mouse-click.

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Information Security Consulting

Local governments are regulated by multiple regulatory like PCI, HIPAA and CJIS. In the common interest of protecting sensitive information, governments must comply with a broad set of security requirements. In addition to our Managed Security Services, we offer our public sector clients a full set of cybersecurity consulting services that ensure regulatory compliance. These services include:

  • Information Security Assessment
  • Wireless Security Assessments
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Penetration Testing/Ethical Hacking
  • IoT, Smart Cities, SCADA, PLC and ICS/DCS Security and Device Testing
  • Threat Intelligence Program Development

You look out for our future, we want to help you plan for yours. 

We understand the competitive procurement process from our extensive public sector experience, and we offer executive briefings to help with future planning.

Our public sector team is led by our Founder and President, Michael K. Hamilton.

Michael has 25 years of experience in information security, as a practitioner, consultant, executive and entrepreneur. As former Chief Information Security Officer for the City of Seattle, Michael managed information security policy, strategy, and operations for 30 government agencies. Prior, Michael was the Managing Consultant for VeriSign Global Security Consulting and in that role provided expertise for hundreds of organizations, from Fortune 100 to small private colleges, and in nearly every sector. Michael is a subject-matter expert and former Vice-Chair for the DHS State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government Coordinating Council. His awards include Member of the Year with the Association of City and County Information Systems (ACCIS), and Collaboration Award from the Center for Digital Government. Michael recently served as a Policy Advisor for the State of Washington Office of the CIO, and continues to spearhead the Public Infrastructure Security Collaboration and Exchange System (PICSES), a regional cyber event monitoring system that is unique in the nation. Michael has been a member of the Sigma Xi research honor society for more than 25 years.

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