Security Assessments

Striving for regulatory audit readiness?

Need to evaluate your IT security environment?

We’ve been there.

We built Critical Informatics to address some of those very challenges. Our experts have worked inside and outside the public sector, healthcare, and finance, just to name a few industries. Those experiences inform us as we work with your team to build a robust Focused Security Assessment (FSA) that fits your needs.

A security assessment with our team is the first mile in your roadmap to a more secure future.

How It Works

We tailor each FSA to your organization by understanding your goals, your anticipated audience, and your intended use of the FSA results. Once we understand your objectives, we develop your assessment by merging standards of practice from NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC-FERC, CJIS & 23 NYCRR 500.

Your focused assessment is then conducted over a one-week period, using a mixture of technical and interview-based methods. Then, we provide a list of corrective actions with cost and other resource estimates in a high-level, prioritized remediation roadmap, so you can address what matters most, first.


The roadmap indicates whether the activity is:

  • A standard industry practice
  • A compliance requirement
  • An estimate of risk
  • A federal incentive to reduce remediation cost
  • A corrective action prioritization

The roadmap also includes a list of estimated costs, which could include:

  • Capital purchases
  • Professional services
  • Internal resource costs
  • Operations and maintenance

Finally, the activity list and costs are reported with timeline recommendations for resource planning.

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