Reduce Risk. Save Money.

CVI: Continuous Vulnerability Identification

Traditional vulnerability scans provide a broad snapshot of your network, but then leave you in the dark… until the next year.

Continuous Vulnerability Identification (CVI) eliminates that exposed waiting period by scanning your network at the frequency you choose. Set it to run weekly, monthly, directly after patching—whatever makes most sense for your organization. With every scan, CVI thoroughly explores your network, identifying open ports, software/service versions, and missing patches.

CVI then compiles the results of each scan into a report that prioritizes vulnerabilities by risk and provides actionable steps to eliminate every detected issue. CVI’s reporting portal enables network administrators to see new vulnerabilities as well as those that have been successful remediated.

For our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) customers, CVI’s findings provide additional data and context to our security analysts to more efficiently identify and respond to cyber-attacks. Additionally, since CVI operates on the same Critical Insight Platform as our MDR, MDR customers need only sign up for the service – no new hardware needed.

The new standard in vulnerability scanning.

CVI Graphic, Vulnerability Scans
  • Reveal new and eliminated vulnerabilities through regularly reporting
  • Reduce vulnerability detection costs by as much as 80 percent
  • Tailor which devices are scanned with customizable parameters
  • Pull scan-sensitive systems out of scope or probe them using specialized “soft touches”
  • CVI fulfills vulnerability scan regulatory requirements for industries such as Financial Services and Healthcare, GLBA and HIPAA respectively

Find Your Vulnerabilities Before Criminals Do