Our Platform: Your Key to IT Security

Critical Insight

Protecting your network requires the right people with the right tools.

Cyber criminals target your network every day. Whether their objective is theft, records disclosure, or disruption to business operations, their actions harm your organization. Against a determined actor, preventive controls will fail—we see this in the news daily.

As the base platform for our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Continuous Vulnerability Identification (CVI) services, Critical Insight is our security analysts’ most fundamental tool.

Our analysts leverage the Critical Insight platform to identify and respond to threats and compromises in real-time. Its plug ‘n’ play configuration sits quietly on your network, integrating seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. Setup time can be as little as 5 minutes. Proprietary queuing algorithms ensure no data is lost, even after network interruptions.

Critical Insight + MDR

For our MDR customers, Critical Insight performs initial intrusion detection activities locally. It captures and retains full packets on-site at your location, to be used only if further investigation is required.

In this way, the platform is custom-built for regulated organizations, insulating regulated or sensitive information from examination unless in the context of an open investigation.

Critical Insight also encrypts logs, security events, and netflow, and sends them to our Security Operations Center (SOC) for advanced analytics, second level correlations, and analyst investigation.

Critical Insight + CVI

For our CVI customers, Critical Insight operates the vulnerability scans and enables network owners to configure scan parameters. Scans are conducted from the platform, with data encrypted and hosted in the CI cloud for customer retrieval and reporting via the CVI portal.

Critical Insight Cybersecurity Platform