Critical Informatics Penetration Testing

Hackers are targeting your company. You may have something of value or you may get hit with untargeted ransomware.  An effective security strategy is critical for managing a business but designing one can be easier said than done.  The threats are dynamic and security frameworks from 6 months ago may already be dated.  What can a responsible business owner do to maintain an up-to-date and effective security framework?  The answer starts with a robust vulnerability assessment, application assessment and penetration testing program.

Critical Informatics: Going Beyond the Average Pen Test

Our Red Team has world class offensive security experts who can think like bad actors and have the skill to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network.  At Critical Informatics, we go far beyond the “automated vulnerability assessment” others bill as a penetration test.  We probe your network from the inside, outside, and through social engineering to hunt for openings that bad actors would use to sneak in and compromise critical assets and data.

Customizable Scope and Strategy

We tailor our services to every engagement – from single application penetrations to full ‘no scope’ covert Red Team engagements.  We can work with the Blue Team in your SOC and your incident responders or can stealthily assess the SOC’s detection, monitoring and analysis capabilities.  Our engagements are designed to deliver the greatest value to you and not based on what is most interesting or convenient for us.

Whatever solution you choose for your company, our team will share the test results with your teams so you can reinforce your applications and network security.  Once our work concludes, your security team’s ability to recognize and respond to any attack will be strengthened.

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