Financial Services Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 01-19-2018

Weekly FS Cybersecurity Blast

Weekly FS Cybersecurity Blast

Cyber Security is Not an Option: Five Industries Most Vulnerable to Attacks Online
·       Healthcare
·       Financial Services
·       Government agencies
·       Businesses
·       Transportation


Supply-Chain Security as a Market Force [Slideshow with Audio]
Audio of Mike Hamilton speaking at T-Mobile last November 30, along with the slides, discussing IoT landmines, executive negligence, and creepy ad tracking that are pointing us all toward market-based security. Highlights:
·       The entire internet is booby-trapped
·       Don’t click on anything, ever
·       That karaoke site you went to yesterday is no longer okay
·       There are no records left to steal
·       How government infosec regulations are similar to tostadas


KillDisk Fake Ransomware Hits Financial Firms in Latin America
Just like previous versions, KillDisk purposely deleted files but included a ransom note in an attempt to fool victims that they’ve been infected with ransomware and not a malicious disk wiper known to be used in many past cyber-espionage operations. On the infosec scene, KillDisk is one of the most infamous malware families around. The malware was developed and used primarily by a Russian cyber-espionage group known as Telebots.


CISOs’ No. 1 Concern in 2018: The Talent Gap
The top concern among CISOs for 2018 falls outside the typical realm of attacks, employee negligence, or staffing shortages, according to findings released this week in a Ponemon Institute Survey. The top concern: “lack of competent in-house staff.” “I am not surprised that this was a leading concern – it is consistent with what we have been hearing as a critical need and gap in the market.


Banks Can Once Again be Fortresses — This Time in The Cyber World
Yet despite all these modern examples of destructive, cunning or insidious mechanisms for cyber-attack, the defences of financial institutions appear to be holding out well. […] There will always be some luck involved, but the lack of any significant breaches and the successful defence against WannaCry implies bank information security teams are doing a lot right.


Exchange Body Issues Cyber Security Best Practice Guidelines
The guidelines from the World Federation of Exchanges, which represents more than 200 exchanges, clearing houses and other market infrastructure providers, come after Deloitte warned last month that two-thirds of global financial institutions are finding it difficult to manage cyber risks.



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