Healthcare Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 01-12-2018

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Cybercriminals Turning to Smaller Providers and Health IoT in 2018
“Medical records are the targets of choice, as this data is highly prized to support identity theft and financial fraud. While 2017 was the year of ransomware, we are anticipating this already hard-hit sector will feel the wrath of cybercriminals targeting the hundreds of thousands of IoT devices already deployed in healthcare.”


Why Machine Learning isn’t a Cure-all to Improve Security 
As machine learning gains wider adoption, it’s crucial for healthcare providers to develop a better understanding of how the technology can help them better protect their data from rapidly evolving threats. Doing so will help them distinguish between security solutions that are applying machine learning to old approaches, and those that are using machine learning in more innovative ways to provide them with the accuracy, coverage, and certainty they need from their security.


The Financial Impact of Data Breaches is Just the Beginning 
Though every data breach is different, Ponemon has identified the average cost of a breach as $3.62 million in its 2017 Cost of Data Breach study, though certain industries can have more costly breaches. However, it is almost as important to consider those indirect costs which can also affect a company’s chance of rebounding from a cyber attack.


Report: Ransomware Attacks Against Healthcare Orgs Increased 89 Percent in 2017 
According to the report, there were a total of 140 data breach events characterized and reported to HHS OCR as IT/hacking in 2017, representing an almost 24 percent increase over the 113 IT/hacking events reported in 2016. For an historical view, there were 57 reports for IT/hacking in 2015 and 35 reports in 2014. The number of reported major IT/hacking events attributed to ransomware by health care institutions increased by 89 percent from 2016 to 2017.

IoT Risks, Insider Threats, Password Hacks, Biometric Cracks: Cybersecurity in 2018 Looks Messy
This is what 2018 will look like on the cybersecurity front, according to professional services firm Aon’s industry specialists in its new 2018 Cybersecurity Predictions report. “In 2018, we anticipate heightened cyber exposure due to a convergence of three trends: first, companies’ increasing reliance on technology; second, regulators’ intensified focus on protecting consumer data; and third, the rising value of non-physical assets,” said Jason Hogg, CEO of Aon Cyber Solutions.


30,000 Medical Records Stolen Following Phishing Attack 
Our research has found that the healthcare sector is targeted by more deceptive email than any other, with 92 per cent of all email domains carrying fraudulent emails. While email security training should be encouraged, with so many malicious emails using deceptive identities, organizations should not be relying on their staff to successfully sort the fakes from legitimate messages.


Healthcare Comes Home at CES 2018
A particularly interesting collaboration for health and wellness in auto tech is the supplier Faurecia, which is working with Amazon and Accenture. With Amazon, Faurecia, which designs and builds interiors for original equipment manufacturers globally, will incorporate Alexa and her skills into the auto experience. […] With Accenture, Faurecia is partnering to learn about healthcare applications, from blood pressure sensors to ergonomic design that’s personalized for both driver and passengers.


Saving Lives Starts with Protecting Our Hospitals
The entire purpose of a healthcare system is to provide care, wellness, and healing services for those who are sick. However, the ability for these institutions to provide such services becomes hindered when patient information and the computer/network systems that are heavily relied upon by doctors are compromised. Misdiagnosing or mistreating a patient can lead to death, and the manipulation of medical devices can also attain the same result.


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