Healthcare Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 03-16-2018

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Special Report: The Policies, Processes and Technologies to Guard the IoT for Healthcare
“These devices often are procured and connected to the network without oversight by IT or the security team, and they may contain vulnerabilities straight out of the box,” he said. “This could be as simple as the device having a well-known default password that needs to be changed, but if that’s not done, an attacker will quickly find that device and use it to their advantage.”


Cybersecurity for Connected Healthcare
The key tenets of the cybersecurity are the Inventory of hardware and software, Prioritization of the critical data and applications, Monitoring, Advanced Defense with Secure SDLC and Testing. We will also focus on a few of the key regulations for the healthcare devices and in the value chain.


HIMSS18: Cybersecurity Take-Aways
What all healthcare entities – big and small, urban and rural – seem to be finally realizing is that they’re all sitting ducks unless they act, stat. My general impression from an all-day cybersecurity forum held March 5, for example, is that security is progressively becoming a much bigger worry for most organizations, including smaller entities that have no CISO and aren’t familiar with nomenclature such as the “NIST cybersecurity framework” or acronyms, including DDoS.


What Keeps Healthcare Cybersecurity Innovators Up at Night
The rise of body sensors, networked devices, artificial intelligence, and whatever else Silicon Valley may dream up is bringing medicine to a new point in its growth. Leslie Saxon, MD, called this convergence a “unique handshake” between machines and humans—one that might augment healthcare or foster poor decisions. But a clear danger exists. “Cybersecurity is really the Achille’s heel of this vision,” she said.


Cybersecurity Must be a Hands-on Boardroom Concern, Expert Says
Despite signs that risk management in the healthcare space is maturing, dangerous cybersecurity gaps still loom and provider confidence in their own ability to stop an attack is flat, according to the third annual HIMSS Analytics and Symantec IT Security and Risk Management report, unveiled at the HIMSS18 global conference this week. In order to enable lasting and meaningful change, providers must move cybersecurity out of IT and into the boardroom, the study said.


Healthcare Cyber-attacks Doubled in Last Year
Looking at the healthcare sector; the number of publicly disclosed security incidents in the healthcare industry decreased by 78% in the fourth quarter of last year. However overall figures demonstrate a severely concerning number of attacks across the entire year, totaling a 211% increase overall in 2017. The majority of these incidents were found to be caused by organizations failing to comply with security practices.


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