Healthcare Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 03-30-2018

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Why Providers’ Biggest Cybersecurity Risk Could be Their Vendors 
No matter how much ransomware training is provided to employees, and no matter how many internal processes are in place, one vulnerable vendor can still leave an organization’s systems open. […] A supply chain affects an organization in many ways, and one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of any relationship is cybersecurity. Now more than ever, organizations need to thoroughly vet partners that have sensitive access to their systems and keep close tabs on who has credentials.

Vanderbilt University Researcher’s Claim Breaches Linked to Patient Deaths
A Vanderbilt University researcher is claiming more than 2,100 patient deaths are linked to hospital data breaches each year. Sung Choi of the university’s Owen Graduate School of Management said data breaches trigger remediation activities, regulatory inquiries and litigation in the years following a breach, that disrupt and delay hospital services leading to a decline in care, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Three Myths About Cyber Insurance 
Of the five industry sectors that ITRC tracks, the business category topped the list for the third year in a row with 55 percent of the total number of breaches, while the medical/healthcare industry followed in second place with 23.7 percent. Yet most businesses don’t carry cyber insurance. According to The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers (CIAB), about 31 percent of respondents’ clients purchased some form of cyber liability and/or data breach coverage in the last six months of 2017, compared to 32 percent in its May 2017 survey, and 29 percent in October 2016.

At the HIT Summit in Cleveland, a Closer Look at How Cybersecurity Issues Impact Clinicians 
“We try to communicate what we’re doing and why, without making it too technical,” Aldridge said. “And now at my new job, I use my marketing department, and the marketing department actually does a good job for me. Because I can’t be the person to give the controls and communicate the controls at the same time, because they won’t want to listen to me. Big communications should be done with a good PR background,” he asserted.


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