Healthcare Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 04-13-2018

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Healthcare Data Breach Costs Account for 28% of Total
Health care claims comprised 17% of claims in 2017, but represented 28% of total breach costs, or $65 million out of a total of $229 million, says Gladwyne, Pennsylvania-based NetDiligence, in a report issued Thursday. […] The total average breach cost for protected health information was also correspondingly lower, at $475,000 vs. $1.85 million for personally identifiable information. Among other survey findings, the average notification costs for the sector were 11 times higher than the combined average of all other sectors, at $1 million vs. $92,000, according to the report.


Medical Devices Found Vulnerable 
Health providers cannot rely on device manufacturers to protect their patients’ data and safety. Providers first need to make sure they have complete visibility to the medical device ecosystem, understanding the right medical context of the communications and the associated risk. This will enable them to better understand the risks on their clinical environment and will enable them to take proactive actions to ensure their patient safety and data protection.”


8 Ways a Supply Chain Raises Cyber Security Risks [Slideshow]
“We strongly recommend a blend of security technology and employee/partner awareness and education, including a threat response protocol,” they caution. “Healthcare IT teams must create, enforce and frequently review a risk management system and governance framework related to the transfer of resources to and from any entity outside a network’s trusted circle to minimize the risk of supply chain attacks.”


Healthcare Industry Worst in Stopping Insider Data Breaches
The report found that the healthcare industry was the only sector that had more internal actors (56 percent) behind data breaches than external actors (43 percent). This isn’t always malicious. Errors made up the most common type of cyber incident in healthcare, followed by malware, hacking, and privilege misuse.  In addition, medical information is the target of two-thirds of data breaches in the healthcare industry, while personal information made up 37 percent and payment information 4 percent of breaches, the report found.


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