Healthcare Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 04-27-2018

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

[VIDEO] NewsJacker 04-24-18
NewsJacker is back! Check out my recap on the latest cybersecurity news from my office in Bremerton. I cover how cryptocurrency mining has become organized crime’s preferred tactic over ransomware, the not-so-coincidental timing of the EU pipeline cyberattacks and Russian sanctions, the changing role of the CISO, and the biggest news… we are changing our name to CI Security. Be one of the first to know why.


Medicine Pumps & Pacemaker Threat as Dr’s Simulate Hacked Overdose
Dr. Kwai couldn’t understand the reason behind patient experiencing cardiac arrest and that’s when Tully explained that the whole bag of Cardizen had been emptied to make her realize that the medicine pump was compromised. The issue was diagnosed as calcium channel block overdose. In order to treat the patient, insulin was immediately ordered. After the simulation, Kwai explained about the experience: “Being alerted that the entire bag was empty kind of made me think of a pump malfunction, maybe.


New Hacker Group Targets US Healthcare Industry, Researchers Say
Among its victims are health-care providers and pharmaceutical companies, as well as IT companies and equipment manufacturers that work for health organizations. […] Symantec suspects that the Orangeworm hackers are breaching these organizations likely to carry out corporate espionage, such as the theft of trade secrets. The cyber firm found no evidence that the group is operating on behalf of a nation-state.


AI for Cybersecurity? What Hospitals Should Understand Before Investing
When he confers with clients, Harnish tells them not to be lured into a false sense of security by the big promises AI vendors are making. “The fact that we’ve deployed AI does not mean we can shut the lights off and walk out of the room,” he said. “It still requires care and feeding. In some ways, in addition to the end goal we still have to monitor – ‘Is there an intrusion on my network?’ – we also have to monitor the quality of the decision-making around that question.”



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