Healthcare Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 9-8-2017

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Critical Informatics Healthcare Cyber Security

Top HIPAA Enforcer Names His Top Enforcement Priority

I really want to make sure people come into compliance without us having to enforce. I want to underscore that.” […] Our caseload has been growing significantly. We are up to about 20,000 complaints a year. That is an extraordinarily large number. We have a lot of staff that work on technical assistance.” Ultimately, Severino says he wants “to see those 20,000 complaints start to go down so we can have a culture of compliance throughout our country so that we will achieve all of our goals and do it efficiently with as little burden as possible on all of you so we can have some wonderful results.”

What to Look For When Hiring Healthcare Cybersecurity Pros

“Experience will be the key factor in dealing with the challenges and threats that are unique to healthcare,” Fund said. “CISOs and CSOs of tech companies will find it more complex than their previous roles. Given the choice between a senior security leader from a large tech company and a senior security leader with healthcare experience, hospitals will choose the healthcare background because the job requires a deeper understanding of the implications of breaches.”

Maintaining Medical Device Cybersecurity in an Evolving Industry

Legacy devices are the biggest cybersecurity challenge right now, not the devices that are new to the market according to Yarmela Pavlovic, who is a partner in the FDA Medical Device practice at Hogan Lovells. […] Devices that weren’t intended to be network-connected are sometimes being “jerry-rigged with WiFi connectors or other network connections,” she added. For example, older devices might have USB ports there were meant for uploading software, but might also be used to connect the device to a hospital network.


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