Public Sector Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 04-27-2018

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NewsJacker is back! Check out my recap on the latest cybersecurity news from my office in Bremerton. I cover how cryptocurrency mining has become organized crime’s preferred tactic over ransomware, the not-so-coincidental timing of the EU pipeline cyberattacks and Russian sanctions, the changing role of the CISO, and the biggest news… we are changing our name to CI Security. Be one of the first to know why.


Cyber Pioneers in EU’s North Open Hacker-Proof Digital Highway
Finns who cross the Baltic Sea to visit the former Soviet nation will soon be able to pick up their doctor’s prescription at any local pharmacy without worrying about prying eyes. […] What makes applications like these possible is the first secure international data highway in the world dedicated especially to the needs of ordinary citizens. Based on open-source code, the so-called X-road has plenty of other potential applications, from the sharing of driver license data and death certificates to company data on the trade register.


Democratic House IT Scandal Illustrates the Hazards of Reckless Cybersecurity Policy
According to congressional documents, the House Democrats clownishly exploited a loophole in hiring procedures that exempts potential hires from background checks if another member of Congress vouches for them. This allowed individuals with questionable backgrounds, such as Imran Awan and his brothers, Abid Awan and Jamal Awan, into the ranks of the House of Representatives staff. Those IT aides later made unauthorized access to congressional data.


[Idaho] State Government Beefs up Cybersecurity
While some agencies will still have their own projects, like the Department of Transportation’s “Internet of Things” highway sensors, Weak’s goal is to provide commodities such as internet service and email, so agencies can focus on day-to-day business, he said. That could mean saving money through consolidating procurements, as well as improving security by having a single point of contact for installing and maintaining hardware and software.


A Lack of Cybersecurity Funding and Expertise Threatens U.S. Infrastructure
Most leaders in infrastructure-related industries take cyber risk seriously, but their public sector counterparts need to start addressing vulnerabilities with more urgency. Many experts and pundits are already pressuring lawmakers and regulators to take more decisive action across all of our physical systems. Despite this pressure, there are a number of obstacles that need to be addressed alongside the implementation of new policies.



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