Public Sector Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 05-11-2018

Mark Your Calendar! Hack Timing Patterns
Companies and governments know they are targets for people looking to cause harm or profit by attacking their networks. Those threat actors are constantly evaluating networks and looking for ways to gain access. Most public and private organizations take this as a given and prepare appropriately. Those who aren’t already actively thinking about security should begin to do so immediately, and everyone should recognize that, yes, there are times when threat actors are particularly active. When a malicious actor decides to attack an organization, they consider a few things. First, they decide what they are trying to achieve with the attack.

Tennessee Officials Are Trying to Get to The Bottom Of An Election Night Cyberattack
“There is no network connection to the official results, nor to any of the voting machines at any point during the process or before and after the process. They have no network interface,” Ball added. […] “It’s wonderful to be able to espouse confidence as they are, but they should not be espousing such unless they have actually had their network for the [election management server] totally assessed by someone whose qualified in network architecture,” she said.

City of London Police to Assemble Crack Team of Cyber Detectives 
The police force, which has been operating in London’s financial district since 1839, is in the process of designing a programme to recruit computer science graduates who can help in the fight against hacking crimes. The aim is to trial the scheme next year with an initial group of five or six students, the force’s head of crime and cyber Peter O’Doherty told The Telegraph, adding that they are also looking at opening a “cyber academy” for existing staff.

Connecticut Tasks Law Enforcement with Cyber Duties
For routine incidents such as theft of financial records and ransom demands, the CTIC must be able to identify threats, which means “having an adequate number of both top-secret and secret cleared personnel and being able to review all cyber intelligence relevant to Connecticut,” the plan said. These cleared personnel are needed to manage the “full flow of projected cybersecurity intelligence” related to screenings, analysis and referrals of actionable intelligence.


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