Public Sector Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 06-15-2018

[EVENT] Municipal Cyber Security Workshop in Bothell, WA

Join Mike Hamilton on June 21st in Bothell, WA, for a co-hosted event with Ogden Murphy Wallace on important cybersecurity trends and best practices to protect valuable data.  RSVP today!

What Got Breached This Week? Ticket Portals, DNA Sites, and Atlanta’s Police Cameras
Now, it seems the outbreak was even worse than previously thought, and it could have a long-term impact on the city. In addition to costing more than $2.5m to clean up, the city says the infection resulted in the loss of police dashcam footage. That footage includes evidence the city planned to use for criminal cases. Police Chief Erika Shields told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the city will hopefully still be able to proceed with the cases.

3 Tips to Secure Password Management
One of the common areas we see companies and technology groups struggling with is passwords.  We know we need them (passwords), we know they need to be “secure”, and we know they’re a pain in the neck to keep organized.  That’s exacerbated exponentially when you factor in shared passwords and accounts for teams. Get ahead of preventable cybersecurity incidents with these 3 tips to strengthen password management across your org.

Will Smart Grids be Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?
A particular aspect of the energy grid is the risk of cascading. This means that if a large system is damaged, other systems will be infected as well. This then may lead to a big-scale blackout – even beyond country borders – as the entire grid system is connected. Even other critical infrastructure such as transport and healthcare can be affected, as they all rely on energy supply. So, to get technology in control by implementing secure architectures and system hardening is a must. It is crucial to assure only new systems that comply with minimum security requirements posed by the grid operators will be added to the grid.


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