Public Sector Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 06-29-2018

[VIDEO] NewsJacker June Recap
Cyberthreats from China, voice-activated bank transfers, DNS rebinding attacks pwn-ing home-connected microphones, SCOTUS rules that warrants are required for cell phone surveillance, and more. 

Taiwan Hit by Jump in Cyber Attacks from China
Many [examples of] Chinese malware first appeared in campaigns against Taiwan before later being observed targeting interests in the US,” Mr Read said, adding that the group expected “the volume of China campaigns targeting Taiwan to increase” as geopolitical tensions heighten.

IT, OT, and IoT: Existential Technology Lifecycle Management
[EDITOR’S NOTE] This article originally appeared on Mike Hamilton’s monthly blog on CSO Online.
In a recent engagement for a public-sector organization that will, for the time being, remain un-named, CI Security put this idea to work around the framework of public sector operations. By integrating everything under the umbrella of operations, including information technology, operational technology (OT) in utilities, and internet-of-things (IoT) technologies, we can secure and enable “smart city” efficiencies. Let’s explore why this is the critical path for all organizations and communities to a more secure future in a hyper-technological world.

Local Government and Cybersecurity: Working with All the Stakeholders
[As] barriers to entry for would-be cyber criminals decrease and large enterprises improve cybersecurity and information governance and management, bad actors are targeting smaller, more vulnerable targets, hoping for quick success and, increasingly, aiming to frighten their citizens by striking closer to where they live. These examples should act as a wake-up call for local governments that cybersecurity risk is real and that cyberattacks are coming.

Congress Frets Over Lack of Election Threat Info
Republican and Democratic lawmakers are increasingly frustrated that the Trump administration is leaving them in the dark about potential Russian meddling in the midterms, amid warnings from special prosecutor Robert Mueller and the nation’s top intelligence official that Moscow is trying to interfere in the 2018 elections, Martin reports. Both Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and special counsel Robert Mueller in recent weeks have indicated there’s evidence of ongoing Russian operations.


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