Public Sector Cybersecurity Weekly Briefing 12-29-2017

US foreign Policy Prompted Russia to Become ‘Masters’ of Cyberwarfare, Blackstone’s Studzinski Says [Video]
Cyberwarfare is likely to be at the center of geopolitical disputes for a long time to come, strategists told CNBC. […] While China has stepped in to displace the U.S. on the global stage, Russia has “astutely” chosen to prioritize investments in cyberdefense over military spending, according to Studzinski. This had led to Moscow becoming the “masters” of so-called “cyber foreign policy,” he added.


Threat Posed by Evil Nations and Criminals in Cyber-land is Rising
Cyber-crime, censorship and espionage are on the rise. Cyber-espionage in our region has continued unabated and it’s now evident that several governments in Southeast Asia are conducting very sophisticated operations. Inequality is growing and the most cyber-advanced ­nations have moved further from the more cyber-vulnerable Pacific Islands.


A Look into the Crystal Ball: Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018 
“We expect more exploitation of information as a weapon for financial, political and other gains. As we’ve seen numerous times, including with Equifax this year, these breaches can have a huge reputational and financial impact. Cybersecurity professionals must be prepared to stay ahead of malicious actors to ensure they are not gaining entry to sensitive files and email communications,” concludes Ferrante.


Rapid Growth in Security Market Raises Question: How to Pick a Startup
Before plunging into a contract to secure solutions or services from a cybersecurity startup, organizations should ask these five key questions:
·       When did your organization receive its last funding round and did it come from existing investors?
·       Who are your investors?
·       Can you tell me about your management team and their experience in this industry and running a startup?
·       How long has each of your management team members been with the company and did they replace someone?
·       Can you provide me a customer list and tell me the last time you signed up a customer?


New Jersey State Police Spent $850,000 on Harris Corp. Stingray Devices
“The response to our OPRA request is really disappointing because it shed virtually no information on how Stingray technology is being used and New Jerseyans deserve to know,” LoCicero said. “This is really invasive and sweeping search tools that were developed for the military and now they’re being used in New Jersey and public needs to know more.”


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